Thursday, August 15, 2013

Almost Missing Out on Perfection

Just a quick example of how input from the outside world can alter our perception towards things we come in contact with.

Regardless of the example used here... bottom line is... don't let anything OR anyone ever influence you in any way... ever!

Even though I bet it happens all the time to us. Probably without us ever knowing that it's happening. But try and be conscience of it.

One thing to take away for this quick read is to... stop, take a step back, and give whatever it is you're doing, a chance.
Be on the look out for that
"Aaah Haa!" moment.
(something I myself
never use to do!)

Next time someone says that "you're gonna hate that movie" just tell them to go fuck themselves and you'll make up your own mind thank you... LoL

Even though... they were right, the movie sucked! But at least I made up my OWN mind... LoL

My Philosophy on...

Alomost Missing Out on Perfection

How many times have you just up and dismissed something that you were experiencing for the very first time... as either bad or just not up to snuff? All the time right??

It could be anything at all. From tasting a new food, watching a movie or even going on a very first date with someone.

How often did you take only one bite of that sandwich or main course and quickly blurt out that it sucked? Or worse yet, that you hated it?
C'mon, you know you just did that last week when you ordered that suspect
fish-looking thing!

Or how about only making it through ten minutes of a movie and walking out of the theater,
or just shutting off the dvd player?

How many times have you taken one look at your upcoming first date through the restaurant window as they sat there at the bar waiting, then frantically turned tail and fuckin' ran back to your car. Burning rubber as you exited that fucking parking lot? Not even giving her/him a chance to dazzle you with their incredible
first impression intellect.

We've all done these things, and don't tell me for a second that you haven't. And if you're shaking your head as to say you haven't...
then don't look now my friend,
but your pants are on fire muthafucka!

How silly are we?
I mean what if that meal we dismissed turned out to be the sweetest, most delicious thing that you've ever eaten?

Well.... OH SHUT UP!
And yes, my mind is always
in the gutter, get over it!

What if that movie was to become one of your favorite “go to” films whenever you needed a pick-me-up? Only now, it will never have that chance to comfort you because
you bailed out on it too soon.

Or what if that missed first date was the person that you were destined to fall madly in love with and spend the rest of your days with?
That one in a million person!

And you missed out on all of it... why?

Well I now realize the reason I myself have fallen pray to this quick dismissal of the unknown and newness in my life. And I'm betting that it's the very same reason why some of you have possibly missed out on perfection
in your own lives as well.

The answer came to me very recently, while I was in the mist of enjoying a newly released album by the band Aerosmith.

Aerosmith Music From Another Dimension album cover 2013

Now this fact really doesn't matter, I could have been in the midst of doing pretty much anything really. But my epiphany, my "aaah haa" moment just happened to occur during my newly found obsession with the bands new material.

But, I almost missed out on this uplifting musical motivation because I went into that very first listen, with predetermined expectations.

You see, for the months leading up to the release of the new album, every article or comment I read was comparing the new material to the bands most important, most beloved, and well quite frankly, their most creative and powerful music to date. In my opinion.

According to every fan and music critic out there, including the album's producer, this new material was an "old school" masterpiece that rivaled even their strongest stuff. An almost impossible height to reach
for anything new to overcome.

The two albums in particular are... Toys In The Attic from 1975, and Rocks from 1976. But I have added one more album to that list of most loved and influential, to me anyways, and that would be the Draw The Line album from 1977.

Aerosmith Toys In The Attic album cover 1975

Aerosmith Rocks album cover 1976

Aerosmith Draw The Line album cover 1977

These three snapshots in time hold within them some of the most amazing rock 'n roll ever recorded by this band. Just ask any true blue long time Aerosmith fan.

Even though a lot of the newer stuff throughout the years has been pretty awesome, in my opinion, it's these albums
that put the band on the map!

And how did I almost miss out
on absolutely loving the new stuff?

Because of all the comparisons that were being made to the “old stuff”. There was such a built up anticipation that it had tainted
my objectivity, that's how.

The chances of me ever liking the new material were doomed even before I pushed play.

Because nothing in my mind could ever be what that older music was, and is, to me.


Because first of all I was a teenager when it came out. And at that age the music and your favorite bands meant everything
to you... everything!

They actually became a part of your own time line in life, a part of your history if you will. Powerful shit man, I'm tellin' ya.
You know what I'm sayin right?!

Just think of the state of mind we were all in at that age. Those fucking teenage years. We can never recapture that state of mind ever again as we grow older. We can try our best to not
grow up, but inevitably, we all do.

It's such an innocent pleasure to look back to when a fuckin' band and their stupid music were so important to you and your friends isn't it? Pretty neat right? Simpler times they were my friend. Simpler fuckin' times!

But the other reason is that the members of the band itself are all different as well. They are no longer in that same state of mind when they created that drug-induced,
angst-driven musical genius. 

They themselves are in a “different” place, a different mind set. So how could they ever re-capture and duplicate that very same passion?

They can't.

Not that same angst, same frustrations, same perfection anyway. It just can't be done.


... what can be done, is to create brand new perfection. With a slightly different angst, maybe a tad less frustration, but perfection nonetheless.

A brand new, up to date, stand on it's own two legs of merit, perfection.

All created without a hint of “old stuff” feel to it. 

Can it be done??
You bet'chor fuckin' ass it can be!
If you give it a chance that is,
to stand on it's own.

... did I give it a chance to stand
on it's own two fuckin' feet?

Of course I didn't, I'm a dickhead!

And because I went into those very first listens with a preconceived notion of what I was about to hear, I almost shook my head in disgust, and never gave it another listen.

I'm not sure what made me go back and listen again, but I'm so very glad that I did. Oh wait, that's right. I said something in conversation about per-judging something, nothing to do with music mind you, and the light bulb went on over my head. The "aah haa" moment
hit me like a ton of bricks!

And so, I decided to give it another listen, but NOT to compare it to anything else.

And you know what?

It still sucked! LoL

Omg I'm such an idiot.
Yes it still didn't resonate with me even though I wanted it to so badly. But truth be told it didn't suck either, all that much anyways.

It took me a few more listens to get the comparisons completely out of my system I guess. And as those comparisons faded away, the songs on the album began sounding better and better. Until I was in love
with the entire album.

A true appreciation was once again regained for these downright fuckin' talented guys in this band. Which is still one of my favorites.

Aerosmith 2013
Aerosmith... still kicking our collective asses even after 40 muthafuckin' years!!

Joe Fuckin' Perry
Steven Tyler
Joey Kramer
Brad Whitford
Tom Hamilton

I was grabbing hold of each song as it played, and I never let go. Two days later, I couldn't stop listening, and here I am two months later, STILL listening to the shit outta this album several times a day. How fucking cool is that man?

For me, my epiphany, my "aah haa" moment came in the form of a casual conversation and a brand new Aerosmith album. Simple and silly I know, but now my eyes are open about everything else in my life because of that silly conversation and album.

But your moment may be found in something else. May show up in another form.

And I'm pretty sure that it will. Hopefully you'll be ready for it when it hits you.

You have to try and think about the subtleties of your life. Those precious ticks of time that you seemingly toss aside as unimportant remnants.

These are the ticks
that change a destiny my friends.

Change your muthafucking destiny!

Think about whats going on in your daily life.
Be conscience, be aware
and alive within every moment.

Take everything you experience on it's own merits, and don't compare it to anything else.

Because you just may miss out,
or lose... perfection!

And really, just how often are we graced with such an elusive sublime moment as that?!

So grab that bitch, and never let it go. And try your hardest to always keep your mind open and on the prowl for that next
slice of elusive perfection.

Who knows... it could be right in front of you at this very muthafucking moment!!