Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Healing Truth


Take a walk with me for just one second...
into the part of the mind you very seldom visit anymore. That tiny space you've pushed back so far out of the way, that it's almost non-existant.

Your past!

Good or bad
It has the power to bring light into your days!

Winston Churchill said it best... and I quote:
"The farther back you can look... the farther forward you are likely to see!"

Too awesome right?!

Don't be afraid to look back.
It WILL push you forward, I promise!

A Healing Truth

Everything has changed now
 From when you were a kid
Those things that once made you go wow
 Have disappeared within the years
  Into obscurity...

I drove myself into the past
 Back to the old neighborhood
  Just overwhelmed by a rush
   Of unforgettable thrills
Fighting back nostalgic tears
 As if I really could
  I rediscovered innocence
   Inhaled youth
    And cringed at every one of those
      Painful spills...

It's strange how priorities fade
 A feeling that was so invincibly strong
  Has somehow left your heart
Replaced by commitments
  Costly deadlines to be made
   Never even realizing
    That the cycle of life
     Was slowly dismantling
      Your childhood part by part...

To stand in that place
 Where you stood some 40 years ago
  Just slows the spinning world
   For a precious moment or two
Giving you time to embrace your roots
 The foundation of your soul
  Validating your existence to yourself
   Is such a wonderful healing truth...

The looking back
 Enables you to move forward
  To conquer new days
   With optimistic freedom
Realizing how once our seasons
 Were everlasting
  We now cherish every moment in time
   Confident in knowing
    That our strength is found
     Within the person we believe in...

Our common sense tells us
 That we must grow up
  To become a cog within the wheel
   Contributions to a team
    Rolling towards success
But never forget that path
 You walked so long ago
  When life was simple
   Even Santa was real
    And you were completely
     Unaware of such adult themes
      As worry fear and stress...

Live forever as a child
 Never allow the flame to die
Ignite each day with a grinning smile
 And embrace the luxury of not always
  Understanding the reasons why...

True living is found within the innocence

A Healing Truth coming alive
A Healing Truth coming alive

A Healing Truth fully grown up
A Healing Truth fully grown up