Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Days of the Week

My Philosophy on...

The Days of the Week


You're too numb from the weekend to realize that the new week has even begun. You just sort of stumble your way through the day with a zombie-like aura until that five o'clock
whistle blows.

And then like Fred 'n Barney bailing from the gravel pit, you high-tail it right the fuck outta there. So this day is a push.


Now to me, Tuesday is really the only bad day of the week... but why?

Because by this time, that numbness and zombie-like aura that got you through Monday has given way to full bore blood circulation and focus. Bringing back to life the whole person that you usually are.

Then, suddenly it hits you.

Holy fuckin' shit I'm back at work, AND, it's only fucking Tuesday!

This realization shatters your psyche with all the force of a Mike Tyson uppercut. OUCH! At this point, life truly sucks.


Is hump day of course!

And by noon time you have reached the glorious summit of yet another mountainous work week.

And have begun yet another highly anticipated decent down said mountainous terrain taking those very first wondrous steps towards that holy grail, your saving grace... Friday!


Well Thursday just fly's by... why?

Because tomorrow is... go ahead, you can say it!

Because muthafucka, tomorrow is FRIDAY,
that's why!

So who gives a flying fuck what today is! And well, also for me, it happens to be payday as well, oh yeah!


And then finally, the alarm goes off for the very last time of the work week. It's Friday muthafucka, it's hump day plus two, rise and shine my friends.

By this time of the week your body may be there physically going through the motions while at work, but your mind, passion and complete attention span have already been lost to the possibilities of the upcoming weekend mayhem.

Now to me, this is where the true “sweet spot” of the entire weekend occurs.

I call it being in the zone!

It's those next couple of hours as you wrap things up at work when it hits you that you've made it to the finish line, finally the end is here. You take a huge deep breath and then a long exhale! So muthafucking exhilarating.

Those next couple of hours really are so sweet because you know that you can do anything in the world that you want. Because you have the chance to sleep-in the next two mornings
if you'd like.

Two full days off with no responsibility. It's such an uplifting handful of hours you're about to experience before you actually get to
the mayhem.

Saturday and Sunday

There's only one word that could possibly describe these next two days.

And we can find that word violently vibrating it's way through the vocal cords of Scottish legend William Wallace, as he was portrayed by Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart... FREEDOM!

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