Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Shot An Arrow Through The Sky

This has to be another one
immediately post navy.
It's a bit out there...
but there's several
aspects that I really
enjoyed, and...
that made me think back
to that nail-biting time
of my life... LoL

Definitely sounds as if
I wasn't really sure
just who the fuck I
was at the moment.
Reaching out, searching...
for... me.


Shot An Arrow Through The Sky

Finding out things I never knew
About myself
About how much
That I miss you

The strangest things that coincide
And even how sometimes
Thoughts come about

Can any truth hurt so bad
Can living the past
Bring about wondrous stories

While living for myself
Occasionally frees my eyes
My mind and body were made for two
I have some dreams perhaps
But birds with wings
And colored flaps
Are nesting amongst their border

Provide me with a silver spoon
A milky moon
An afternoon
To take your hand
And show you me
One on one
Two on two
Three on three
A simple aborted destiny

Ha ha ha... fooled you
Here's to me
May you be the lucky one
Who holds the key

Endless abandon
Shatter your walls
Revolving doors
Kiss the woman with make believe
Hiding behind expensive whores
It's never too late
To find yourself... and retrieve

Shot An Arrow Through The Sky

Words From The Attic... It's Who You Know

I'm pretty sure I wrote
this one soon after I
left the navy in '84.

I remember I was a bit
fucked up emotionally...
couldn't get my thoughts
together about being back
in the old neighborhood,
the one I couldn't wait
to get away from.

It was a weird year or two
I have to say. Took a while
to get my feet planted
firmly back on that
Staten Island ground,
and feel as though
I truly "belonged".

Kinda looks like I may
have been attempting
to pen lyrics to a song...

It's Who You Know

Somewhere deep inside
I see the making of a man
Breaking through the voids of time
To try to understand

What we do and what we are
And how we got so far
Sometimes though... I feel as if
I'm just a shooting star

We've got enemies on the left side
Enemies on the right
Back and forth we've got luxury
Is it really worth the fight

All around are the tides of war
Breaking down the door
What will it be
To set me free in 1984

Shoot me
Shoot me through the sky
See how far this boy will fly
Lookout now
My aim's on you
You know there's nothing you can do

Somewhere deep inside
A man is running
But just can't hide

Some day we'll all... stop

It's Who You Know

Words From The Attic... God Your Eyes Are Beautiful

that title sucks!

But I like the rest of it
very much. It paints
some very imaginative
images. Although
the ending is a bit weak.

But I'm liking it a lot!

Wrote this with one
person in mind...
from my sister company
in boot camp.
That girl could melt
you into a puddle of love
just by looking at you... lol

I'm not bullshittin' dude...
a fuckin' puddle!

God Your Eyes Are Beautiful

I can tell it's you
By the way you move your eyes
It's like having double vision
Of a sun that's on the rise

Look at me please
With your see-through sight
I need your sun
I need your light

When I see a reflection
In the clouds
I see your eyes in mine
They're showing me people
Massive crowds
Within them two lives entwined

Entangle me inside your mind
And whisper colorful moods
I feel your senses on the line
Softly sent
Which slowly soothe

All the time that you see me
I see inside of you
You think that maybe that can't be
But deep inside you know it's true

I feel your eyes upon me now
They're beautiful... bright
And sparkle with ease
One day soon if faith allows
I'll be in your eyes and holding hands
In the midst of a cool summer breeze

God Your Eyes Are Beautiful

Words From The Attic... Urban Renewal

you've just got to say

I can't speak for the
rest of you, but at times
I somehow allow myself
to get caught up in the
fucking minutiae of living,
and at some point realize it,
and then just HAVE to say it...

And jump off that fucking
treadmill of thought & worry!

I think it's time
to crack another brew mofo!!

Urban Renewal

Walk on the side of the earth that's bright
And leave the other's behind
Continue to walk in the bright sunlight
While the other's stay confined

Important... Irrelevant
But who really cares
Like I could be dead
On the midnight chime
Or if I'm lucky
I'll love a crime

Don't be a waste
Or cause other's sorrow
Try some things and give it a shot
If you like it today
Then do it tomorrow

The point of it all is that
Living is so hard
That it's simply a joke
Would you like some Pepsi
Or maybe a Coke

Decisions decisions
Oh what to do
Fuckin' gimme a break
And crack me a brew

Urban Renewal

Words From The Attic... Crown Me

haven't seen this one for
quite some time.
Could you imagine
loving her "this" much!

Short & sweet so yes...
it's another from boot camp.

How the fuck I was able
to reach inside myself
and at least dream...
or imagine...
of having such deep
emotions while living
within the isolating hell
which is boot camp...
I'll never know... lol

You really are...
a wondrous dream!!

Crown Me

You make my day
By just being you
A simple wink
A glance of your eye
Or even a timid hello... will do

A smile on you
Is just meant to be
It fits so right
And you wear it well
The woman you are
Comes naturally

You're soft and moist
Like a morning dew
Drops of water that trickle away
Return to you
For another day

You're a wish
You're a thought
You're a wondrous dream
You're the woman you are
Total... complete
You're an earthly delight
You are my queen

Crown Me

Words From The Attic... In Good Hands

I really do...
feel as though I'm
in good hands!

So so simple...
but the flow...
and the "want" within the words
just makes this one
kinda special.

Well, it feels
special to me at least  :)

In Good Hands

Words unspoken
That I really do
Believe in someone
So beautiful

My trust
My ways
My passing days
My quest for love
Within me stays

Again and again
You comfort me
I'm spoiled now
And can't go back
Needing you now
Is easy to see
Whenever I slip
You pick up my slack

I dream of you still
When we are apart
I dream of the day
When we had our start
How easy we talked
While you claimed my heart

Hold on to it gently
But don't ever let go
For my words for you still say
That I really do...
Love you so

In Good Hands

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... My Dream

Navy boot camp strikes again.
But I think,

even though it's still an
absolute love poem,
that a lot of the innocence is gone.
Seems to be just a tad...
more grown up.

Not much more...
but just a tad.
Lovesick still... lol
but grown up at the same time!
Ya think??

I sold most of my boot camp verse
to the other guys in my
company. I mentioned this before,
but it's still so funny
to talk about.

They actually copied my words...
and sent them home to their
wive's and girlfriends
as their own.
Love that shit!

The boot camp verse
was usually very short
and to the point.
Short and sweet.

And yes...
there's more of it
to come.

My Dream

Run with me
Please will you come
Soaring through space
And gliding so high
And riding our love
Up to the sun

You remind me of peace
And happy times
Caressing my soul
Creating rhymes

Whisper to me
Tell me your scheme
Expose your mind... so beautiful
And tell me love
Am I in your dreams

Glossy skies above us now
Infinity rides... and rules our way
Completing a phase
A circle of life
Which we create
From day to day

My Dream

Words From The Attic... Mystery Girl

Another one I wrote
while in navy boot camp
back in 1981.

Most if not all of them
were as simple, silly
and filled with rhyme
around every corner
just as this one is.
Fun right... LoL
Oh be quiet.

how could you not...
enjoy reading dribble,
such as this.

The innocence alone
is enough to make you smile.
the very first verse
has a bit of depth...
dont'cha think?!

Mystery Girl

Lines that form
All around your face
Resembles freedom
Of an open space

The smile they create
Is a wonderful sight
Like rain that falls
On a summer's night

Oh can you take your smile
And save it for me
It's the smile I'll need
When I'm across the sea

The love that I have
I'm willing to share
A love so fresh
Of sweetened air

A possible change
Perhaps the weather
Could be the key
Of our getting together

Oh how I wish
That our eyes could meet
A sense of love
From our hair... to feet

I'll be searching for you
Until the end
But until we meet
I hope you receive
The love that I send

Mystery Girl