Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Waiting For A Friend

Look at me,
wanting to ease another's pain... LoL

I thought I was the lonely sod at first,
waiting for the friend,
but then I read it again and realized
that I was watching...
the lonely girl.

See girls,
you've been right this entire time...
guys never pay attention...
to anything!!!!  lolololol

they really do...
fade away!

I liked this one a lot.

Waiting For A Friend

Sitting all alone with no company
And a chill on either side
Waiting for someone
Or something to show
How to change those silent sighs

Night after night
Beneath the porch light
You watch the moonbeams
Fade away
Say to yourself
I need a hand to hold
I dread another lonely day

I see you there so many nights
But a faint hello is all I give
But somehow
Deep inside
I'd love to change those silent sighs
And show you how to live

Change the chill on either side
With the warmth of a squeeze
That will put the sun
Back in your eyes

I'd love to see you shine today
For tomorrow never comes
Well what I mean to say
Is that
I'd love to be
Your only one

Waiting For A Friend