Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Very Special

what a proposal!

This guy truly does love his girl.
Love every word of this
over the top mushy mess...
every word!!

It really is...
very special.

Very Special

My heart sings out
Ever since I'm loving you
I reached for your world
And you pulled me
To a life of love
That I never knew
Or could even begin
To imagine

Your love to me
It means so much
Like the hands of a blind man
And his sensitive touch

Flower's of an oasis
I see in your eyes
And soft sensations
When I feel your sighs

Velvety smooth
And creamy white
Your skin to me
Is a sweet delight
Which fills my mind
And my appetite

Take me apart
Rearrange my life
Nothing's too much
Or little to say
Anything I'll do
For you as my wife

Very Special