Saturday, May 6, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Typical Daydream

can happen at the beach!

Fun and silly.
Drunk and horny.

Tilt another bottle!

A Typical Daydream

Look at the sky
And fiddle about
Open the wine
Unscrew the cork
Tilt the bottle
Then throw it out

Whistle a tune
Of a happy time
And running about
Along the shore
And holding hands
That's yours and mine

The taste of wine
Upon your lips
Just sends me flying
Feeling oh so good
It's the taste of love
That I can't resist

Here we go
We're running again
Along the shore
'Til I trip and fall
Like the guy in the movie
I think it was "10"

I get to my feet
To see you standing there
Uncorking a bottle
Of cold white wine
And making faces
At the people who stare

Now the corks undone
And the bottles half drank
As I opened my eyes
And my head it did hurt
I just got the feeling
My boat's just sank

But when I looked at you
I just set my sails
Because you're the remedy
That never fails

We settled in to see
The sun disappear
Just plopped right down
In the cold wet sand
While we taste the wine
Upon our lips
And we cuddle together
Without a care

A Typical Daydream