Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Tongue Tied

For being tongue tied...
the words really flow well.

I liked it a bunch.
That idea of a feeling hiding
inside of a person... pretty neat!

Tongue Tied

Some kind of feeling in me
Is hiding inside of you
Can you show me a little bit
I'd like to know
My way around
If we ever meet in town
And I don't want that feeling
To quit

I've seen some other guy
Trying to see why
He wasn't inside of you
He had some talk
Out by the sidewalk
But you never
Gave up a clue

So why can't you tell me
You love me
When you really
Know it's true
You're invincible
Baby blue

I know just what
You're looking for
I can fill the gaps
With love
So sometimes
I'm a daydreamer
But it's you
I'm dreaming of

Yes I've got
This funny feeling
That's still
Inside of me
It stops my sleep
And makes me crazy
And how it waits
So patiently
So why
Can't you tell me...

Tongue Tied