Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Starting Over


Thought it was going to be another
corny piece of crap...
but it fooled me and then pulled me...

This may have also been yet another attempt at
writing the perfect lyric.
Move over Steven Tyler...

A very good read indeed!

Starting Over

Well he said he'd be there
Most everyday
To cuddle you tight
And make you feel
Like you wanna feel
But now
Day after day
You find your senses blue
And you're finding out
What's real
It's so hard
Finding out
What's real

A cuddle to one
Is really different to some
Because they don't know what it means
To have the warmth of your hand
And your feet in the sand
I believe that I'm losing my dreams
I really feel
I'm losing
My dreams

I've got to get up
Get out
I've got to change my point of view
I've got to widen my eyes
To the thrill of surprise
I've got to find someone
Who's true
Is there anyone
Who's true

And then you
You're the one who's gonna set me free
You're gonna give me your heart
Right from the very start
And I'm waiting for the day to see
I'm waiting
Who will it be

Now my days are full
Of nothing but love
Walking hand in hand
Along the shore
With the waking tide
Walking side by side
With the beautiful one
That I adore

As the soft moonlight
Silhouette's your face
On the golden sandy beach
I think to myself
The awful way I felt
When you were so far
Out of reach

But it's you
And now I know
That it's you

Starting Over
Starting Over