Thursday, May 11, 2017

Words From The Attic... Sometimes It's Beautiful

Pretty powerful stuff.
I'm in love with this chick,
and I can't even remember
if I wrote this about a specific woman,
or if I just plugged myself into
that emotional outlet.

It's gotta be tough to let go
of someone so wonderful!

Sometimes It's Beautiful

And if you say
You're leaving
Have set in
You know that
What I say
Will only help
You win

I guess I understand
How your
Inside feelings change
And how you need
To find yourself
Let me help you rearrange
And then
I'm on to something else

We've had the best of times
And we enjoyed each other
In every way
And if I can help you
With your new start
Just whisper out my name
And I will comply
To all you say

You've given me such strength
Within myself
That I could never
Be angry or reckless
I just want to
Give back to you
All the candor
And honesty
You've given me
You've been nothing
But the best

Good luck my love
With your spirited life
We'll see each other again
And be thankful
We can still communicate
Until we do
Please know that
My hand is always there
For you in case
You ever feel
It's getting too late


Sometimes It's Beautiful