Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Simply Love

The "love" theme is really
a very difficult one to fuck up... lol

And I believe this one here...
keeps within the winning spirit...
and hits a homerun.
So okay,
it just about made past
the left fielder's glove,
and over the fence but...
it got over that muthafucka didn't it!!
It's outta here!

I like it.

To be as happy...
as the sun...
is bright.
Now that's fucking happy my friend!

Simply Love

Whenever I see a dream fulfilled
A person overcome heartache
I find myself in a winning mood
With a feeling of giving
And never take

Why do people wander aimlessly
With only this one fragile thing in mind
It spins us
Wins us
And gives us
Something to live for
And leave our pain
Far behind

Forever in love with a special heart
Is a luxury
Of sensual delight
Only ourselves can understand
The feeling inside
To be as happy
As the sun is bright

May all your dreams
Have a chance for freedom
And may all your freedom
Bring many a dream

Simply Love