Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... Scatterbrain

If this was me truly spewing
real thoughts of actual events...
then it looks like things went awry
with the girl I was with.

Woe is me... lol


You try your fucking best
And still it doesn't work out
Doing this
And doing that
And back comes
The doubt

And of course you don't know
Who's to blame
Why all your dreams
Are up in flames

Just dig a hole
And crawl right in
The odd's are with them
You just can't win

Down in the hole
And the music sings
The phone it rings
Well fuck'em all
I don't want them around me now
'Cause this here boy
Has taken his very last fall

I'm at the bottom
Of a long way down
A broken heart
A tear on the sleeve
And a low bent frown

I've taken enough
I've had it to here
Don't wanna sleep
Don't wanna eat
Don't even want
An ice cold beer

My jaw it hurts
From the ground below
The curtain's here
The lights are on
And it looks as though
That I've missed the show

So leave me alone
And leave me be
And there's the door
You can leave the key

Maybe it's me
I just can't tell
The answer it rides
With the toll of the bell