Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Rainbow In My Heart

Yet another dose of love
straight through the heart.

I'm reading these things for
the first time after SO many
years have passed and...
I just can't believe
how I was able to summon up
these deepest feelings of love...
so deep.
Seems much more
than I've ever actually felt.
Weird right?!

I guess the mind can be transported
and plugged into any situation...
any world...
that it wants to move towards.
Pretty neat!

Another 2 thumbs up
for another mushy mess... LoL

Love it.

Rainbow In My Heart

Everyday is a musical way
Of living out this life
One side up
The other side down
With thoughts of you
All around

Remember that night
By the river side wall
It was the craziest thing
I've ever done
And you loved how I played
I played around
And it was that moment then
When I knew your heart
I had found

A river of love
Flows through my heart
That empties into you
And you just give me everything
In everything you do

Desire is the fire
Which burns inside of me
It points your way
It needs your way
You're the only thing
That sets me free

The sun outside
Could never outshine your glow
You can be yourself
And still love me
With nothing but trust
And the purest of honesty

Hold my hand
I love you so much
Whenever I fall
You pick me up
Become my crutch

Thank you
For being true
Thank you
For being you

Rainbow In My Heart