Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Words From The Attic... Only Time Away From You

Good grief...
I thought I said I wouldn't
use the words babe or lady
anymore... LoL

It had a nice moment or two,
but really didn't feel that from
the heart intensity at all.
Not horrible,
but not my best either.

I'm getting tired of this
"being away from you"
theme as well.

Only Time Away From You

Can you hear me love
I'm on my very last dime
And I don't have much time
To say
I love you

Believe in me babe
Being so far away
Is a nightmare on my own
Operator lady
On the telephone line
Help me out please
So I'm not so alone

Lonely days and lonely nights
Dreaming of my baby
Seeing so many one way sights
I need to be with my lady

Late night lights
Flicker and fade
To flicker and fade again
Ladies of the night
Waiting to get paid
Already had every guy
It's only quarter 'til ten

I promise you babe
I'm gonna quit this job
We're gonna live in harmony
We're gonna live our life
Underneath the sun
In a soft sound ceremony

Hang on love
I'll be home real soon
I'll be in your arms
With tender feel
No later than tomorrow

Only Time Away From You