Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... Only Thing

This could be one of those boot camp
visions gone astray... lol
Another frozen tear... really??

I still like it though.
A bit corny, but colorful,
in a tormented way.

Only Thing

Another night
Without you babe
I've gotta get out of here
Everything is hard and rough
With no softness
And I feel another
Frozen tear

Snowflakes glisten
On baron limbs
When summer
Is around the bend
How come I feel like this
It's just not right
I would cherish
Anything you send

Looming in a losers land
Destination lost
Ticking away
The time in hand
Imagination shouldn't cost

Am I sometimes on a cloud
Free from all of this
Only when I am with you
The only thing in life
I truly miss

Only Thing