Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... No Confidence

Sounds as if she didn't wait.

Man, I fall in love WAY too easily
get my heart broken WAY too easily
as well.

Hey what can I say...
I'm a very sensitive

No Confidence

A whispering voice
That says you care
Is more than a man
Can possibly bare

Because I know you're there
And you're willing to wait
And I'm praying to god
That I ain't too late

Because the field of play
Has many a choice
Your poor little cars
And your rich Rolls Royce

The choices you have
Are many and wide
But the time I have left
Is it still on my side

I found out later that the time
I had left, wasn't on my side... LoL
It just goes to show ya
that it's always something.
Keep smilin...
there's lot's more out there!

No Confidence