Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... New Love

This one very well could be
autobiographical... LoL...
but after the fact.
Since I wrote this
way before the unworthy dream
entered into my life.

Seems very fresh...
to this very day!

I like it.

New Love

I remember some days
My mind was filled
With complicated thoughts
And never ending time

Were weary walks
On cobblestone streets
With breath that concealed
So many bottles of wine

Endless hours of trying
Unforgettable moments
Of triumph
But still lacking
That winning feel
That someone to hold my hand
Through the good times
And the bad
Someone to grow with
A real person
And not just a fad

I remember I gave
My softness to some
Caressing every inch
Of their unworthy dreams
Only to realize
It was all in vain
As these dreams would always
Into a nightmare
It seems

I'm looking for
Someone to be with
A talker to talk with
A lover to make love to
I need a woman
Who needs me
Who wants to please me

Could it be that...
I need you

New Love