Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Moment To Yourself

I'm loving this one.

Looks like another attempt to pen
some lyrics to a song.

Somehow it flows really well.
Shit, maybe I'm the next
Bob Dylan... LoL

the night...
always felt so right.

A Moment To Yourself

Well I sat back
Just a moment ago
And I heard these words
That made my day
I was listening to the music
On the radio
When this song
Came playing my way

Of when I had a hold of you
And you on me
And how we held together
So tightly
I just love that memory

It's a sweet sweet thing
In the back of your mind
That when
The troubled times come
It'll help you unwind

That's a memory
Of the things you loved so much
Of the things you loved to touch
It's a sweet sweet memory

Thinking back
About running with the boy's
When we got too deep
When it got too steep
Man what a time we had
How we grew up fast
Yeah we made some noise
And there were times we weeped
When we almost leaped
And we followed
No ones fad
Think back

Society never really
Knew our name
Never really
Understood the game
But we all came together
In the heat of the night
Put our differences aside
Man the night
Always felt so right

I remember
Those sweet sweet things
In the back of my mind
And when the troubled times come
They would always come around
And they would ease my mind

All those memories
Of the things you loved so much
And the things you loved to touch
What a sweet sweet dream
Those memories

Now when you reminisce
About the things you've done
Bringing back the meaning
Lost children in the sun
And why the hell
Were we all put here
But to sing our song
And then move on
And on and on
I need my memories
Got to have
My memories

A Moment To Yourself