Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... Living For The City

Here comes that 60's,
hippie vibe again!

Would be nice to not...
have to remain inside the rat race.
But we do what we have to do
to live this life.

And hopefully we all make to that point,
of throwing out our line,
into the calm blue water!

Stevie Wonder
may have been the
catalyst behind this.

That verse at the end
is from one of my favorite
Skynyrd songs...
Gimmie Back My Bullets!

Living For The City

Living a life
That you think you chose
And fighting your thoughts
And those painful woes

It's a battle that's been won
And sometimes lost
As you lose your breath
From the cars exhaust

The money is there
But it must be found
But you mustn't get caught
In the old run around

The bosses you have
They are loud
And fat
With blinders on
They just don't know
Where it's at

You have to swallow it all
Until you're blue
The orders they give
And the rest of the bull

Five days a week
That's 9 to 5
And there's only one thing left
To keep you alive

Those two days that come
And not a moment too soon
The days you relax
And listen to the birds
Just whistle a sunny tune

Saturday and Sunday
It's a void in time
It's the only two days
Where the pieces fit
And the words
They always rhyme

But the weekend
It comes and goes so fast
Like the stars in the sky
So brilliant and vast

So keep a stiff upper lip
And a tie that's straight
While I get me my pole
And go fetch some bait

You see
I'm not like you
And I will never be
You can have your fast pace
And your women of the night
Those taxi cabs
And your Garden fight's

And I'll just lie back
And think a nice thought
While my woman and I
Share some wine
Of a vintage sort

I'll see you next week
Say maybe at five
That is of course
If you don't get killed
And you're still alive

I can't understand the way you live
The rushing
The killing
And even the bribing
You don't even call it living
You call it... surviving

If I were you
And I'm happy I'm not
I would think about that
And hard

Straighten out that tie... fool

Been up and down since I turned 17
Well I've been on top
And then it seems I lost my dream
But I've got it back
I'm feelin' better everyday
So tell all those pencil pushers
Ya better get outta my way!

Ronnie Van Zant
Gary Rossington
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Living For The City
Living For The City