Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Little Piece

If I were a woman,
I'd love to hear these words
coming from my guy!

The true... firewood!

Liked it very much.

A Little Piece

Only sometimes
When you're thinking
Of a girl so right
Does she appear
In front of you
A soft
Wonderful sight

Voices whisper
In your ear
Saying yes
Then no
Then maybe
But after a while
Of content converse
Your arms wrap 'round
A beautiful girl
The prettiest one
Consuming this earth

Words are used
To describe your feelings
And sometimes
But words are only
Part of the flame
For the heart must provide
The true firewood

Listening to words
That rhyme
Are fine
Can you feel
The escape they create
Mostly lined
With a silvery moon
A soft sunset
Arriving too soon

These words are for you
These words are from me
Read them slowly
Caress each one
Then take a stroll
Between the lines
And feel
A little piece
Of my

A Little Piece