Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Have I Told You ---

Another wonderful ode...
to your chick!

It flowed really well.
I enjoyed finding this one.
I think you will as well.

Have I told you?

Have you... told her!!!

Have I Told You ---

Of course I remember the times we were
The times we have
And of course now
I honestly believe without you babe
Everything would be a bore
And my mind
Would be in the clouds

Have I told you today that I need you
Or that you are my sun
I really love the way you move
You've made me all I've become

Have I told you about yourself
What a perfect person I see
I tell other's how great you are
They always say the same
To me

Because of things I do not understand
Or care to try to look up
My letter to you is from your man
Who will always be there
To fill your cup

And oh
Have I told you that I love you
I do
Unseen spirit of wistful gates
Caressing all that it creates
Open wide and let us in
So a beautiful life
We may

Have I Told You ---