Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Growing Pains

Another ode to your chick...
and another heartfelt piece
of word magic!

is always easier...
than receiving!

Growing Pains

Something about you
Has crept into my heart
I've found that I'm not so tough
Can't play
That tough guy part

Melting in your arms
Is all I ever need
Fascination in each squeeze
Caress you back 'n forth
While we breathe

Can I ever fill your wildest dreams
Is it really as easy
As it seems
Does the song I sing
Follow in your stride
Wallow in a moonlit scene
And cuddle so close
By your side

May I be able to feel
Your love on a summer's night
And be with you forever more
On a sandy beach that's shinny white
With the waking of the tide
And it's sensuous roar

Float with me into the sunset
And I'll deliver my heart
My soul
And all the answers
That you seek
I will be there
Always there
Whenever you feel down and out
Bluesy or weak

Wake up to a seagulls bellow
And warmth within your squeeze
Forever wishing your love for me
Will always be as fresh
As a summer's breeze

If you need
I am here
If you bleed
I will
Calm your fear

Trust is all it takes

Growing Pains
Growing Pains