Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Goodbye To Mr. Nice guy

Another attempt at writing lyrics.
And truth be told...
it actually reads very well!

I loved every word of this thing.
" doubtful droppin' ".
Great flow,
all the way through.

So okay,
Alice Cooper came up
with the theme for me... lol

2 thumbs up for sure!

Goodbye To Mr. Nice Guy

So you think
You've had it bad
You've done without
What other's had
And nothing
Goes your way
You've stepped aside
Given up
Your chance to play

In the evening waits
A full grown moon
And flames
That reach the sky
Well I'll tell you
All those flames
Are mine
So say goodbye
To Mr. Nice Guy

Well I'm tired
To having to say I'm sorry
When I'm really not
And I've told the truth
No never a lie
Well now you know
That's stopped
Get in my way
I'll laugh you off
I ain't got time to cry
My sights are straight
They're locked on course
So say goodbye
To Mr. Nice Guy
So say goodbye
To Mr. Nice Guy

Hope you all
Enjoyed your stay
You're bogus
And forgotten
You've walked on me
To get your way
But I'm still here
And doubtful droppin'
Well guess who's up
And wide awake
With a brand new
Lease on life
It's the same old guy
You pushed around
Now say goodbye
To Mr. Nice Guy
Now say
To Mr. Nice Guy

Goodbye To Mr. Nice Guy