Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Good Times Last But Go Too Fast

Feeling a bit nostalgic!

I believe I began this as just
a fantasy trip down memory lane.
And that it's not autobiographical at all.
As I can asure you, I don't know anyone
who could rub you out... LoL

But then it seems,
suddenly it is...
about my friends and I
during thoes growing up years.

Especially when I dipped back into
one our favorite albums by...

"What is it,
I'll take it"
is a slice of perfection lifted
from the song
Dr. Jimmy.

And yeah...
drinking beers behind the school,
P.S. 22 in Staten Island, New York
always brought with it
an amazingly great time.

Was a really good read for me!

It's the way it's got to be!!

Good Times Last But Go Too Fast

Well I've come to this
To an understanding mind
That the people that you meet
Well there's oh so many kinds

I've known some that'll rub you out
For the price of one times ten
And there's one
Who always had his fun
Who came to a sudden end

So many different faces
Are filling empty spaces
Neighborhood's unseen
Drinking booze
Behind the school
And always coming up
With a winning football team

Changes come so fast
Amongst us all
Our lives are moving along
But every once in a while
We all come together
And we all remember
The words to our neighborhood song

Well what is it
I'll take it
Reaching for the best
Trying for success
Is nothing more
Than a little bit

Keep in touch
Why dont'cha
My times's always free
Promise you will
Now wont'cha
It's the way it's got to be

Good Times Last But Go Too Fast