Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Gift Some Share

Another really wonderful read!

The wonder... is there!

A Gift Some Share

Dreaming my nights away
I've become a good dreamer you know
And I've finally found someone
Really to dream about
And someone with which I can grow

Starlit nights once wasted
Are full of tight knit ties
Candlelight flames
Sparkle in your soft blue eyes
Comfort surrounds my world

Snowflakes are falling
Covering our earth's terrain
They seem to give us a newly born feel
Everything now soft and white
An infant virgin again
And the warmth you have
No longer can you conceal

Waiting for freedom
Some peace of mind
But still a need for protection
Someone to cover you
An ear to lend
And yet not afraid of affection

How oh so many people
Try to be what they're not
Confuse themselves
With roles to strong
Strung out
A bit too long

Get caught up
Then just can't stop
Softness and wonder is all you need
To make two people understand each other

The softness gives them strength to grow
The wonder is there
Well it's there just to keep them
On their toes

And every once in a while
Something is added
A gift some share called love
A gift some share

A Gift Some Share
A Gift Some Share