Saturday, May 6, 2017

Words From The Attic... Friend (I'm Yours)

Yet another boot camp attempt
to sway back the attention of the girl
I had no right hurting way back when...

Didn't realize I wrote so many
works to and about her.
She deserved better for sure.

Yet another horrible ending.

Friend (I'm Yours)

I'm dreaming of Christmas
And things to come
Events that happen
Without the sun

The logs of the fire
So brilliant and red
Not a word was spoken
Nothing was said

The friends that had gathered
Had known for sure
That the days to come
Would not be a bore

These people had fun
In their lives so far
Like running half crazed
And hitting the bars

But this night was special
And the air was thick
And the flame was high
On the candlestick

But these people so special
They did discover
That everyone there
Loved each other

Friendship is special
But this is more
You could tell right away
If you knew the score

So if you smile
And respect yourself
The reward is so great
Much more than wealth

Now these people have love
Up until they die
And they'll have it again
When they're high in the sky

Could you imagine a life
With no rain
When your friends that you have
Protect you from pain

The friends that I have
They do just this
And Margaret my love
I owe you a kiss

Friend (I'm Yours)