Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Words From The Attic... Free Ride

Fuckin' awesome!

Love this one.
In fact, Billy (( Jim Morrison's grave ))
and myself actually made a video
out on the road while I
recited the poem... LoL
Too funny.
Steven Spielberg who???

Such a visual.
It's almost like watching the poem,
instead of reading it.

Free Ride

Free wheels spin on open lanes
A highway tale
While two legs walk
Step by step
Along the rail

Sleepy thumb
Gliding in the breeze
Right side up
Up side down
While cars hiss by
Like buzzing bee's

A big gulp in one hand
Knapsack on the shoulder
Worn out sneaker's
Cry for a ride
By now your actions
Are getting bolder
While deep inside
You just want to hide

A passer by
With beer in hand
Pulls to the side
And waves you on
You grab your knapsack
And big gulp too
And run full speed
Before he's gone

You say
What's up
How's it goin'
I gotta get here
He says
No problem
You just gotta show'em
Here you go
How about a beer

Sneaker's are happy
Big gulp's gone
Knapsack between your knee's
He starts talking
Life on the farm
But you're just thinking
No more
Buzzing bee's

Free Ride