Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Finally Found You

fucking epic!

Love this one.
Looks like it's been through
a few revamps along the way...
but it's perfect now!

2 thumbs up!

Finally Found You

Over and over and over before
It's happened much too often
You fall in love
With an incredible someone
Only to let your fate step in
And then you find
You've lost her

It's been my fault
And perhaps maybe yours
But this time
It feels so different
I'm overwhelmed
With a passionate strength
Like an eagle in flight
That soars

All the beauty
Of a summer's night
Is wrapped up
In your smile
As we lie together
On this silkened beach
Completely unaware
Of each other's style

Wave upon wave
Quietly trips the light
Reflecting off of
The darkened sea
Then shinning bright
Caressing your face
With an illuminating glow
And soft beauty

Corner to corner
On a blanket of love
The moonlit night
It belongs to us
With a galaxy of stars
Within our reach
Offering boundless freedom
From high above

Can anything alive today
Bring such happiness
As wandering spirits
Of lost lovers
Quiver and quake
With every kiss

Carnival lights
From ships afloat
Glowing purple haze
Running wild
Electric love
And then fade

Waking up
To a seagulls bellow
And the warmth
Within your squeeze
I could think of nowhere else
On earth
I'd rather find myself
Then cuddled up
With you right now
Living out a dream
Nestled together
Within the summer's
Morning breeze

Finally Found You
Finally Found You