Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Fear No People

Great stuff!

Another booster shot to the arm.
Tony Robbin's lives on.

Love reading the more positive,
self awareness works,
they just pump me up.

And this one reads really well.

Fear No People

So far so good
I'm still standing
I'm a tiger on two feet
I have the mind
I have the will
And I ain't seen nothing
That I can't beat

It's an arrogant world
Gotta stay in stride
With your head thrown back
And your chest full breast
Gotta keep those shoulders
Straight and wide

It's a hit and run
Kind'a world
Gotta shake it up
Give it a whirl
It's a hit and run
Crazy world
And sometimes when it gets to you
You gotta show your fire
Gotta give that wheel
Another twirl

Don't be scared
To speak your peace
Your 2 cents
Might be worth it
And if someone down's you
Cut's you out
Come back strong
With fired eyes
You ain't got time
To nurse it

Run like hell
To catch the sun
You better keep running
'Til the sun comes down
You better keep on running
'Til you fare the crown
So run

It's a hit and run
Kind'a world

Fear No People