Saturday, May 6, 2017

Words From The Attic... Family Talk

This had to be written while I was away
in the navy somewhere.

An ode to mom and dad!

The family unit was never one
to verbally show our love
for one another...
but we all knew it was there!

And look at me yelling
at my brother Michael
to go shovel the fucking snow... LoL

Breakin' out the green ink.

Family Talk

Again comes the time
When the snow begins to fall
Colorful lights
Snowball fights
With Christmas tree's
So bright and tall

It also brings smiles
To people who frown
And this time of year
You shouldn't be down

These bunch of lines
Creating some rhymes
Are from me over here
To all of you
Sometimes it's hard to show
You care
It's happened too often
But even though
Sometimes we don't
I can truly say
We really do

And I think it's time
We start showing our love
Between us all
Our family
Help out here
An I love you there
And show each other
We really care

So Michael
Get off your ass
And shovel the snow
Before daddy gets up
And tells you so

And on Christmas day
Raise a glass of wine
And show everyone
You're feeling fine

You've raised us
And bathed us
And feed us too
And we want you to know
Mommy and dad
That we all need
And love you

Family Talk