Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Words From The Attic... Coming Home To You

Really love this one.

Thought it was gonna be
another crybaby ode
to missing her...
but looks like I pulled
this one out of the fire...
and delivered a wonderful
heartfelt obsession!

Coming Home To You

Feeling good
Because I'm going home
I'm going to see my girl
With clear blue skies
Showing me the way
Opening up my world

Shadows disappear
Reappear again
Follow my every move
Hoping I'll get up
Go around the bend
Making my way to you
Making my way to you

Listen to the trees
Softly sway in the breeze
Whispering tales so true
Of a love on the run
Looking for the sun
That is hiding inside
Of you

Can I be dreaming
Oh can I be dreaming again

Can everything you do
Make all my dreams
Come true
Then I will deliver my heart
And soul
Even if they don't
Babe I still have you
A beautiful love
About to unfold

Coming Home To You