Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Comeback Kid

A Father Knows Best moment here.
Another pep talk in the making.

It's always nice to get that punch
in the arm to put you back
onto the tracks and keep
the train traveling home.

No need to change...
best line of the group by far!

Comeback Kid

Okay you
Yeah the one over there
So you think that love's gone by
You sit all day
With your head hung low
Not even gonna
Give it a try

No way son
Are you gonna lose
You've got too much to offer
One day son
You'll see real soon
The chance you get to love her

Protect what's your's
No need to change
It makes no sense
To rearrange

She'll see you for what you are
And see you are for real
And before you see a shooting star
Her ways and thoughts
You will feel

Phone numbers
Back seat rides
Nothing but high school jive

Cold white wine
Just enought tor two
Growing up real slow
And learning love
Is what's gonna keep you true

Hello love
Talk to me
So I'm not so alone
Let me hear
What you need to say
I want to be
I need to be
Your every day

Comeback Kid