Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Choice

Another P.S.A.
Public Service Announcement

Don't do drugs
Don't drink... LoL

I like it a little bit.
When today is gone
tomorrow's begun...
love that line!

A Choice

I can feel the day
And I can see the sun
But when today is gone
Tomorrow's begun

An endless phase
Of passing days
We amuse ourselves
In many ways

The ways are fun
But sometimes not
You can drink some beer
Or smoke some pot

The things above
Are very dull and drab
You're left with the dries
And a huge tab

So forget the booze
And the dim street lights
And forget the boys
And the bloody fights

You must make up your mind
And deepen your voice
And go for it all
While you still have a choice

A Choice