Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... Be Forever Real

How could you not like this one!

Nice flow
and a feel good aura
that surrounds you.

2 thumbs up!

Be Forever Real

Today I've seen some things
Just brought me to my knee's
A 4 year old's healthy glow
With mommy close by
Underneath the shady tree's

Do you know summer is soon
Can you feel the birds return
A time to love in the afternoon
To let your love go
And let your love learn

Sometime's babe
A simple rhyme won't do the trick
I must explore all four sides
Until the candle
Rides low upon the wick

Inside you I'll always be
I hope someday
We'll make the whole world see
That when we're together
There is nothing but love

Touching you
Tasting you
Forever living out my dream
Is just so easy to do
Whenever I am with you
You are my sparkling ship
A forever glowing sunbeam

I love you
As much as the sun is bright
The way the moon
It glows at night

Be forever real...

Be Forever Real