Thursday, May 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... Above It All

Today Chris Cornell...
lead singer for
Temple Of The Dog
and also an incredible solo career...
has died today
May 18, 2017
and I'm fuckin' bummed!
52 fuckin' years old.

And then I looked at this work
which was next in line
to be posted here...
and it just fit.
It just fuckin' fit.
I don't know why...
but it does!!

Another one gone.

Fuckin' Chris Cornell!!!
Chris Cornell

Above It All

Finishing a thought
Propelling yourself
Into lifelong happiness
Communicating with the colors...
Around you
Constantly rebelling
Against those whose jealous ways
Have hurt you
And often coming out ahead

On your frustrations
They were really up to par
You showed strength
As well as heart
To get yourself
This far

Now you can see
And appreciate
A smile from the elder
Friendly wisdom
Sort by all
But who often
Fall too short

Hold out your hand
And pull them up
Before they fall
Competition is a killer
And people refuse
To compromise
So watch your step
Because people kill
And you are above that

Above It All