Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Worth It

Another ode to Margaret
while I was in boot camp!

You remember,
the girl I was with right before
I shipped out for boot.

Bottom line...
She was a very very cool chick
and me
I was a total... dick!

So funny how something that
happened so long ago remains in your mind.

I really like this one.

Worth It

A soft little girl
And she's just for me
And a love that is there
And just waiting to be

I'm writing this poem
To make you smile
To keep you warm
For a little while

Our love that we have
Is a Christmas dream
It's true
It's strong
Like a winning team

I thank you my love
For your understanding
You're always giving
And never demanding

Margaret my dear
It's Christmas time
A time for giving
And a time for rhyme

So smile my love
And enjoy what you do
And remember my love
That I love you

Worth It