Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Wish

A true blue mushy mess!

But it's impossible not to like it.
Just read it slow
and the rhyming motion
doesn't overtake the calming flow...
as much.


Wide awake as the morning sun
And glowing bright
You're my only one

Like the stars at night
Make a wonderful sky
It's your beautiful ways
That have caught my eye

Carry me home
And together we'll give
Let's cuddle up tight
Let's start to live

Can you live your life
Without a care
Because it's love and laughter
That I want to share

There's a whispering voice
From high up above
And it's reaching my dreams
My dreams of love

And it's you my love
That surrounds my mind
When I open my eyes
Is it you I'll find