Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Warm Feeling

Pure innocence!

Another boot camp offering.
Simple and quit sweet.

Being in boot camp
during the holidays
brought with it many many
wacky emotions.

I loved it when those emotions
bent in this direction!

Warm Feeling

Dream sweet dream
A holiday feel
A love that is right
A love that is real

A soft winter drift
Overtaking the ground
And the face of a snowman
So fat and round

A jolly 'ole carol
Or a whispering voice
Happy little girls
And funny little boys

Roaming the street
Just spreading the cheer
Of season's greetings
To everyone's ear

My sweet little girl
You're mine tonight
And the moon and the stars
Will be our sight

I'll give you my love
Protect you from pain
There's nothing to lose
Only... to gain

As I look in your eyes
And their puppy love
I float into space
And the clouds up above

Don't ever let go
Of your hold on me
Just squeeze me tight
All night long
I'm where I should be
Where I do belong

Warm Feeling
Warm Feeling