Saturday, April 15, 2017

Words From The Attic... Wanting To Give

More boot camp verse.
Some of the very first from those dayz.

I wrote that... giving is a hard thing to do...
is it??
Is it really??

Guess it all depends
on what you're giving.

Just about all the b/c poems were
very short and very much
a growing process.

Wanting To Give

When you love someone
And you let it show
And you line your feelings
All in a row

You feel your best
When you're willing to give
'Cause it makes this life
So beautiful to live

Giving is a thing
That is hard to do
And there's so many things
That I want to give to you

And I know
That you've heard
These words before
But give me a chance
And receive my love
And maybe just maybe
I have the cure

I love you
I do
Forget the rest
You are my girl
You are the best

I love you

Wanting To Give

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