Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Waiting Is Hard Ain't It

This seems to be the very first poem
written while in boot camp.
Kinda cool right!

and silly
all wrapped up in one!

It can only get better from here.
But I really like the
uncomplicated thought
driving the words.
It gets the point across.

Two thumbs up!

Waiting Is Hard Ain't It

The minutes of time
Delayed evermore
Without your touch
Or the smile on your face
The days I have
Are such a bore

Your eyes I remember
So bright and free
They soothe may pains
So naturally

And while I'm here
Just thinking of you
Would please send your love
And a picture or two

I'm sitting over here
Just writing this down
With a smile on my face
That's hiding a frown

I miss that voice
And those soft rosy cheeks
The ones I will kiss
In a few short weeks

So remember to smile
And whistle a tune
And before you know it
I'll be home real soon

Waiting Is Hard Ain't It