Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Wait A Minute

I believe I penned this one
just before I went into the navy.

I moved out at 19 and had my own place...
it was too awesome. But I do remember
that some nights when there was no one
around to hangout with, I'd go park
my car in the beer distributor's
parking lot on Victory Blvd
in Staten Island.

I'd sit on the hood of my car...
The Doorsmobile
Drink beers
try to play Dylan songs
on my acoustic guitar
and pen tons of emotions
down on paper.

I was a really weird muthafucka.
A little different to say the least.

But they were some amazing moments.
hanging out.... without... the gang
was just as memorable.

Sometimes up
sometimes down
sometimes in the middle
sometimes... it was perfect!

Wait A Minute

I often thought of falling in love before
And I know my half
Would always be there
Because the love I hold
Runs right to the core

Sometimes you know
I just don't understand
The things we have
They move so fast
But the things we want
They never go as planned

Sometimes like now
It seems to be a useless cause
And I'd rather sit here
And write this down
And listen to a few by The Doors

Some call it depressed
But it's not really that
It's just getting tired
Of the same old thing
You know what I'm saying
You know where I'm at

A change
It's a must
I must go for the change
Or I'll go for bust

A major piece of my life is missing
The major piece
Is the girl out there
Whose lips you know
I should be kissing

Find her I must
And find her I will
No not by luck
Nor by skill
Just a simple woman
Who's always there
To warm my heart
When it has a chill

Wait A Minute

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