Saturday, April 1, 2017

Words From The Attic... Time To Wake Up

This seems to be one of those poems
that was written while I was in some sort
of emotional questionability... LoL
Hey man, shit happens.

I absolutely love this album by C.S.N.
which was released in June 1982.
Favorite song here was

So I must have penned this around
that time or perhaps while I was
struggling a bit post navy
which was 1984.

I really like this mess though!
And when I played the song
while creating this post, I was almost
transported back in fucking time!

Words & music man...
so fucking powerful!

Crosby Stills & Nash... Daylight Again
Crosby Stills & Nash... Daylight Again

Time To Wake Up

People on the outside
Always looking in
Midway through the point of life
Waiting for the show to begin

Sounds of laughter
A loudening voice
Shouting out...
It's your turn you
Now make a choice

Whimpering down a hallway gloom
Look at all the empty rooms
School is over
They've all gone home
Why are you still here in school
You have no right... to be alone

I'm waking up again
I've walked in there before
And I've learned a lesson without a class
I've learned it's you...
That opens the door... to your future
It's time to leave the past

Oh keep it in the back of your head
It's good to see old friends
To remember how your heart it bled
How many times you've seen the end...
You thought

Right now C.S.N.
Are soothing my worked out matter
And I deserve the rest
I'm spending some time talking to you
Fuck being modest...
You know you're the best

Like listen...
I'll catch you later... I've got to go
Now hold your head high
And believe in this
And believe it's so
You must be yourself
You must always fly

Time To Wake Up