Sunday, April 2, 2017

Words From The Attic... Time Bandits

I was looking for my inner
with this one... LoL

Okay... okay...
so he does is better!
he had that really cool machine.
H.G. Wells... The Time Machine

Still like this one though.

Time Bandits

Seas of fortune
A heavenly world
And lovely little girls

Caves full of riches
A bandits domain
Steal from the well
Anoint the insane

Cops and robbers
Today they are called
But it's all the same
And will never change
The bandits of time
Have been recalled

Twirling pistols
Or a laser gun
Out of town bandits
Who came from the sun

Black hat
And a scarf to match
Or a helmet with gloves
And a belt with a catch

Riding horses
And real fast cars
Gimme your life
I want it all
And make my escape
Back to Mars

Supersonic days
Are around the bend
And believe it or not
My child of love
The way we are
Is close to an end

I need a pill to stay alive
They've made me this way
I've lost my very own
Will to survive

Time Bandits