Saturday, April 15, 2017

Words From The Attic... There's Some In Everyone

A simple truth about who you are...
and who you are... not!
Or could have become.

The inner strength
that some of us earthlings have.
And yes,
it takes a lot of strength...
not... to conform to what the world
thinks is correct and just.

not changing...
at the right moment
is the most powerful move
one can experience!

I like it.

There's Some In Everyone

Look upon things
With a style and ease
And work them out
Anyway you please

Move the pieces
Round and round
Have all your detours
Tied and bound

A skillful move
Has brought you fame
But you fool them all
By what you do
You're richer still
But stay the same

Of course I could have changed
I've got the right
But would it be
By my own decision
Or would it be
From the people
Who hold the light

You could still have your riches
And your fame
And still be yourself
And live your life
Without the pressure's
To drive you insane

So look for your rainbow
And your pot of gold
It's out there waiting
Just for you
And don't be shy
And don't be sold
Your time has come
You're overdue

There's Some In Everyone