Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Thawing Out

More boot camp wanting.

Pretty words always
make you smile.
And this one made me smile...

Thawing Out

Decembers a month
Of bells and lights
When people all over
And unite

Togetherness stands
In the hearts of all
As you wrap up your presents
And hang the balls

You light the fire
So brilliant and clean
And you stare out the window
At a winter scene

Then you and your girl
Run through the snow
Kissing and hugging
As you go

The winter it seems to be
A wonderland
When you and your love
Are hand in hand

The children so young
Have fun while they play
And you look back
And find a memorable day

The days that have passed
Were more than a few
But the days I have left
Will be better
With you

Keep warm my love
And remember me
While I'm here
All alone
Or across the sea

Thawing Out