Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Spit It Out

Anthony Robbin's lives!!!

Tony IS the man...
and this one reminds me
of the many times I've listened
to him over the years.

Took me a very long time to
actually practice what I preached...
about talking to someone
about your stressful moments.

Don't spin your wheels for
a single second and waste
SO MUCH time in the mud.
That talk will be the push
you need to leave
that fucking mud behind!!

You know...
you have at least one...
inside of you muthafucka.
Now go get it!

Spit It Out

Take a dream
Or a wishful thought
And I know you have one
Inside of you

Now close your eyes
And forget the past
And remember one thing
The problems you have
And the things you hate
Will never last

Open your mind
And reveal yourself
And you'll be amazed
At the actions of other's

Worry for a while
It does no good
But talk to someone
About your wrongs
You know that would

Spit It Out

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