Sunday, April 2, 2017

Words From The Attic... Roll With The Punches

It's really impossible not to like
words that are gathered together
that ooze the "positive thinking" theme!

Fuckin' love every single one I've ever read
have ever tried to write.

Good or bad...
really just doesn't matter.
Because there's always a tiny message
that can be salvaged from even
the worst...
comeback kid
There's always something there
to grab a hold of.

Too bad I seemed to have changed
my mind in direction when I
crossed out that verse.
I liked that even better than
what was left.
Oh well.

Roll with those punches muthafucka...
keep on rollin'!!!

Roll With The Punches

Lonely is the word
It's softly spoken
It's making the rounds
Looking for hearts
That have just been broken

It's hard to run
To get away
You try your best
To keep your head high
And maybe
Just maybe
Mister Lonely
Will pass you right on by

As you lie in bed
A void in time
Your mind slips back
To days gone by
When things were pure
Like a simple rhyme

As the thoughts arise in your head
So fond and dear
You shiver and quake
And feel so strange
As your eyelids open
To produce a tear

This was underneath the crossed out portion.
Too bad... I really liked where it was going!

But the tear that drops
Upon your pillow
Is a tear of joy
And not of sorrow
The reason for this
Is simply put
But the tear you shed
Upon your bed.... ???

By now your dreams are gone
And long since dead
But it's the wrong thing to think
And you know it is
So you dry your eyes
And hop out of bed

The good times are there
You've had them before
Forget your past
And the things you've done
Because the future you have
Holds so much more

And before you know it
Your imagination grows
Meeting people
Loving people
And getting rid of all
Those ridiculous woes

Now you know
That the future is there
So experiment a little
And try your luck
And you will find someone
Who really does care

Roll With The Punches