Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... No This Ain't Hotel California

there's that "neat" word again.
What the fuck is wrong with me... lol
Oh, and "babe" as well.
Oh the horror!

But it's pretty tough not...
to enjoy this one.
Just a sweet, happy ditty!

I'm jealous : )

No This Ain't Hotel California

I'm totally crazy
And full of fun
A trip I'll take to the crazy lands
Would you join me please
Would you like to come

The land I mean is really neat
It brings a smile as big as can be
And a smile you know
Means the world to me

A pleasure trip inside your mind
Where the people are fun
And never unkind

Oh look out honey
The fun's begun
The people are glowing
And running about
The children of the sun
Have begun to shout

Do you like this place
I hope you do
Because it makes me happy
To see you smile
And believe me babe
It looks great on you

It's the greatest thing in the world
To be happy all the time
And to be with you my love
My special girl
I'm glad you're mine

Perhaps just maybe
We'll never leave
We'll stay right here
And share each other
And a life of love
We'll begin to weave

No This Ain't Hotel California