Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Never Too Late To Say ---

Another boot camp thought.
And again I was getting 2 stamps
every time I sold this one
to a fellow bootcamper.

And as you can tell,
I was there in Orlando, Florida
during the winter months.

If you read this slow enough,
you just may feel as though
you were in a scene from

Not a smidge of temperature!

Never Too Late To Say ---

As icicles melt
On a frozen river
And Santa rides
With much to deliver
The feelings of doubt
And pain are lost
Summoned away
By little Jack Frost

And the trees that are bare
Are a beautiful sight
Snowbound limbs
Glisten at night
The radio slowly
Plays a tune
As the christmas spirit
Will arrive real soon

Ho ho ho
Yells the jolly fat man
Please help one another
If you can
As the children and the trees
They both start to glow
With their stocking's
All in a row

A prayer will be said
For the happiness you see
And happy is the way
You should always be
So help that lady
Or that boy over there
And don't be afraid
To show them you care

Because love is the thing
That will get us through
And love is the thing
That I feel for you

Never Too Late To Say ---