Sunday, April 2, 2017

Words From The Attic... Never Happen Man

In the dictionary,
under the word "silly"...
you'll find this...
this wet dream... LoL

"Just another pretty face...
to quench my thirst".
Love that line though.

I've written worse,
in fact
I just reread it and liked
it just a bit more.
Silly is always good!

Never Happen Man

Suddenly you walked by my eyes
Leaving me standing there
With the thrill of surprise

I thought nothing of it at first
Was just another pretty face
To quench my thirst

You had a pretty little scarf
With tie dye jeans
With a white t-shirt
A touch... of James dean

High heeled shoes
That reached the sky
You just lite up my life
Like the 4th of July

Suddenly you...
You walked up to me
I was staring right at you
So curiously

You licked your lips
But you said no words
The only thing I heard
Was the sound of the birds

Then you turned away quick
And started to run
You said...
Catch me if you can
C'mon... c'mon

I had nothing to lose
And said okay
And this was the start
Of a love filled day

Open 24hrs a day

Never Happen Man